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2021 Lash Trends

Since masks are not going anywhere soon, this year is all about the focus in the eyes. With that being the hottest makeup trend to follow, false lashes continue to be the biggest craze in the beauty industry!  We know there are so many options to choose from, that's why we created this quick and easy guide on the the top lash extension trends of 2021. Sky-high Lashes Long, bold, and appealing eyelashes will be a very desired look! They look so effortlessly pretty and add to the beauty of any makeup look. Getting the look of the bold lashes is quite easy. By choosing some of our false lashes you can instantly add that dramatic and eye-catching look that you have always wanted. The texture...

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The Truth About Mink Lashes

Have you heard of mink fur eyelash extensions and strip lashes? These products have been around for years now because of their luxurious fluff in the beauty space - they are often marketed as "cruelty-free" and ethically sourced. However, that is far from truth. Many animals are raised in captivity for the fur trade including beavers, foxes, chinchillas, and minks. Out of all these animals, mink fur is the most popular farmed fur. In fact, Chinese minks dominate the fur market. Unfortunately, fur farming in China is unregulated when it comes to animal welfare. Animals in China have few protections and this comes to no exceptions to mink farms.  What is a Mink Farm? A mink is a wild semi-aquatic animal. Living with...

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Eyelash Extensions vs False Lashes

What is the differences between eyelash extensions and false lashes? False lashes and lash extensions are the perfect alternative to wearing mascara, which does not offer the same uniformed volume and length. Who can't say no to a set of fluttery long lashes? Although both options can achieve a similar result, they are two very different services. But between strip lashes and lash extensions, which is better? Read on to get the breakdown... What are eyelash extensions?  Lash extensions are semi-permanent fake lashes that are individually glued to your natural lashes. They are applied with salon-grade glue by a trained professional to add length and/or volume to your actual eyelashes.  A full set of lash extensions process takes an hour or two , and...

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