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2021 Lash Trends

Since masks are not going anywhere soon, this year is all about the focus in the eyes. With that being the hottest makeup trend to follow, false lashes continue to be the biggest craze in the beauty industry!  We know there are so many options to choose from, that's why we created this quick and easy guide on the the top lash extension trends of 2021. Sky-high Lashes Long, bold, and appealing eyelashes will be a very desired look! They look so effortlessly pretty and add to the beauty of any makeup look. Getting the look of the bold lashes is quite easy. By choosing some of our false lashes you can instantly add that dramatic and eye-catching look that you have always wanted. The texture...

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These Makeup Trends Will Be Everywhere in 2021

2020 was the year that made us all leave our lipsticks intact. With the spread of the pandemic and the necessity to wear a face mask, there really was no point in wearing lipstick. For almost a year now, women had no opportunity to wear all those colorful lipstick, except for their online and zoom meetings. On the other hand, the makeup trends quickly changed and shifted in finding the suitable and appropriate makeup when wearing a face mask. The first months of quarantine were the much-needed break that the skin needed for the constant application of the makeup. And that was good until it became boring. Then, as the things slowly started to go back to some kind of...

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False Lashes to Fit Your Zodiac Sign

Here's what falsies you should be rocking, based on your zodiac sign! We are showing your perfect lash pick according to the stars ⭐️ Find your astrological sign below and see which false lashes from The Lash Drip fits your personality best!   Aquarius (January 20 - February 18) Strengths: Independent. original, progressive Aquarius may seem shy and quiet, but once you get close to them, you may find they can be eccentric and quirky. This sign is all about embracing their creativity, which makes their quirky personality hard to resist. They have a unique style that stands out from the rest, which requires a lash that fits this description. Pretty Please lashes fit them the best because of its distinctive wispy style...

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